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Apr 24, 2018

In this episode, our dialogue guest is Bryant Galindo.  Bryant completed a Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Master's program at Columbia University, did pro bono work as a Mediator for a U.S. federal agency, and quickly realized that the job he wanted (one that offered the ability to empower others in resolving their issues) wasn't out there. So he set out to create it, knowing that his skills in negotiation and conflict resolution were badly needed. 

After helping his friends negotiate salaries and contracts in the tech, nonprofit, and government sectors, Workplace Collaborations was born to help other Millennials who also have difficulties vocalizing their needs without sounding entitled. 


We explore these kinds of topics on a daily basis - including a discussion of this episode - in the inclusive Awarepreneurs membership community. We'd love to have your input and questions as part of the conversation!