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Feb 22, 2022

Our guest on the pod this week is Tu-Hien Le.  Tu-Hien is the Founder & CEO of BeaGen, a company that makes products that helps make it easier and more delightful for moms to breastfeed.  She's also an e-commerce business coach and the host of the Express Yourself Podcast

Resources mentioned in this episode are:

Feb 8, 2022

Our guest on the pod this week is Tom Vozzo.  Tom is a global business executive with a proven track record of leading highly successful businesses in the service, retail and distribution industries.  He is currently the CEO of Homeboy Industries, a social enterprise that offers hope, training and job skillls to...

Feb 1, 2022

This week on the pod is a solo episode with Awarepreneurs founder Paul Zelizer.  Paul shares 4 tips to hlep you build a lasting impact business in a world obsessed with quick profits and short term gains.

These tips include: 

1) Treat your business as your most important asset.
2) Cultivate a nuanced relationship with...