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Jun 27, 2017

My guest for this episode is Mark Silver, of Heart of Business.  Marketing is often a challenging topic for many conscious entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.  In this heart felt interview, we look at:

Some topics covered in this leading edge conscious business podcast episode include:

  • How marketing was born in the context of colonalism
  • How insights from early psychological thinkers were co-opted by large corporations
  • Why a majority of conscious business owners have a charged relationship with marketing
  • What to do instead of manipulative marketing techniques
  • Why ethical business and marketing practices are more important than ever

Join us as we explore the not so pretty history of marketing and how to move past that into truly ethical and effective marketing practices.

And, as always, there is an unique opportunity to discuss the themes covered in this episode in the Awarepreneurs Facebook community.  Just do a search in the group for EP 004.