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Jul 4, 2017

My guest for this episode is Jesse Sullivan, of Alter.  Jesse helps scale businesses in places like Afghanistan, Haiti, Cuba and other economies that have less robust entrepreneurial ecosystems and has learned some very valuable lessons.

Some topics covered in this conscious business podcast episode include:

  • How to come to the work from a place of wholeness rather than a needs based orientation
  • How to engage local leaders to increase your positive impact
  • Creating a business that is connected to something larger than yourself
  • What being faithful has to do with success in challenging environments
  • Tips for success for economies with less cash resources

Join us as we explore the leading edge of social enterprise and how to move past challenges and into truly having the positive impact you desire.

And, as always, there is an unique opportunity to discuss the themes covered in this episode in the Awarepreneurs Facebook community.  Just do a search in the group for EP 005.